How you can make a difference

Every day, 63 New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancer.

By fundraising through Walking Stars, you can support local people living with cancer. The Cancer Society provides vital services to people living with cancer and relies on the generosity of the public to keep those services available.

Fundraise online

The fastest and easiest way to fundraise is online. After you register for Walking Stars Wellington, you will be directed to your own personalized fundraising page.

Click here to log in to your fundraising page 

Here are five easy steps to kick-start your fundraising:

  1. Add your photo to your page - your friends want to know it's you.
  2. In the “My Story” section of your page, include your personal story or connection to the cause.
  3. Make a donation to your own page to get the ball rolling and motivate others to give.
  4. Ask your friends to donate by sending a personal email. Click here to use our email template.
  5. Share your fundraising page on social media, like Facebook or Twitter. You're doing something amazing, so spread the word

How your fundraising makes a difference

The Cancer Society Wellington provides free support services and information for people going through cancer treatment and their friends, family and Whanau. The Cancer Society is the largest funder of cancer research after the government. As an independent organisation the Cancer Society receives no direct government funding and is entirely reliant on the generosity of New Zealanders to provide these services. One in three New Zealanders will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.

Fundraise offline

If you would rather raise money offline than use your online fundraising page, that is fine. You will find a donation form at the back of the fundraising guide, Fundraising A – Z (pdf). If you need any further help or support please contact us at

Fundraising help

Check out Fundraising A – Z (pdf) which provides some fun inspiration and ideas to help you reach your goal. If you need any further help or support please contact us at