How to train for Walking Stars

Walking Stars is a non-competitive, walking half-marathon open to anyone of any fitness level.

A half marathon (21km) is a challenging distance to walk, but with training and preparation, it’s an achievable goal for most people.

  • The provided plan is just an example of how to incrementally train for a walking half marathon; we understand that people have very different schedules, so change it around to best fit with your week while still trying to hit those totals!
  • Each exercising day is split into two targets: distance or time. When used together as a combined target, these are based off an average walking pace. If you are already super fit or perhaps you haven’t gone for a walk in a wee while, then chose the distance or the time as your goal for the day.
  • While the Walking Star’s track is predominantly flat, don’t think that’s an excuse to not go and conquer some hills (and it’ll make it feel easier on the day)! Training on varying degrees of incline is a great way to increase difficulty and burn more calories – so mix up your training routes to help keep things interesting and challenging.

Click here to see our 6 - week training plan for walkers (PDF)

If you have any injuries or other health concerns, please consult your GP before you begin your training.


Taking part in Walking Stars takes energy and endurance, so it's important to fuel your body with the right foods for both your training and the event itself. We've put together some more helpful tips and recipes below.

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Yes, you can do it

You signed up for Walking Stars?! What were you thinking?! 21.1km is a really long way!

If this sounds familiar, be assured you are not alone. We all tell ourselves similar things when we commit to a challenging task. That is why the mental battle of any challenge is always greater than the physical.

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Should I stretch after walking?

Walking is a great way to add physical activity into your lifestyle. But remember stretching is a very important part of any activity program. Be sure to warm up for several minutes to get your muscles warm and then stretch slowly for at least 5 minutes before you begin.

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