Fundraising Planning Tips

Congratulations and thank you
for being part of Walking Stars!

You will be taking part in an amazing night-time walking half marathon to help raise vital funds for cancer research and support services.

After you have setup your supporter page on Everydayhero, you are ready to start fundraising! Make sure you personalize your page by updating your profile picture and story. Fundraisers that personalize their page receive on average 22% more donations! By planning your fundraising efforts, you will achieve your fundraising goal with ease. So let’s get started with your personal plan:

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  1. Get the ball rolling and show your commitment by donating to yourself! Set the bar to encourage your donors to match your contribution. On average, fundraisers who make their own donation raise more than those who don’t, and receive larger donations from their friends and family. Make as generous a donation as you can to demonstrate your commitment to the cause! If you are not in a position to donate to yourself, think of someone who you can ask to get you started.
  2. Ask for your first donation today. Asking people for donations may seem difficult or uncomfortable but just remember that you are giving them an opportunity to make a positive difference in the community.
  3. Make a plan and list all of the people in your life who are potential donors and organize them by the amount that you think they might be able to give. Don’t leave anybody out as unfortunately, cancer affects everybody in some way. You may be surprised by who donates to you, by how much they give and it never hurts to ask.
  4. Decide what will be the best way to contact each potential donor. The table attached gives suggestions about the best ways to communicate with different donor groups but always go with what you think would be most successful. When in doubt always lean towards the most personal method.
  5. Make a plan for when you are going to contact each donor/group of donors and keep track of who has responded. Remember that people are busy! Just because they might not donate straight away does not mean they do not want or plan to. Set a date for when you are going to follow up with those who have not responded.
  6. Keep track of your fundraising progress and let people know how much more you need to raise to reach your goal. Tracking and communicating this is made easy through your online fundraising page on Everydayhero. Once you have surpassed your fundraising goal, raise it! People are much more likely to keep donating if there is still a goal to be reached.