Event Rules

The Walking Stars event team commits to providing you with a well organised, fun, safe event.

Here’s your part:

  1. ALL ROADS ARE OPEN TO TRAFFIC. Do NOT walk on the roads, stick to the pavements and designated crossing points at all times. There will be marshals at all major intersections for your safety.
  2. For your own safety ALWAYS walk with at least one other walker, the more the merrier, you will have so much fun.
  3. Participants are advised to seek medical advice prior to training for the Walking Stars event. Walking Stars is open to everyone and we encourage wheelchair users to join in the fun, providing you have assistance on the route. Please contact walkingstars@cancersoc.org.nz to make the necessary arrangements.
  4. Any participants using mobility equipment must contact event organisers prior to registering to ensure we can meet your accessibility requirements. 
  5. Walking Stars is a walking event, no running is allowed, there are no prizes for finishing first, it’s all about having fun and enjoying the event. If any participants are seen running they will be asked to leave the event.
  6. You must ensure your participant number is visible at all times, you must write your name and details of any health problems on the back. Please remember to bring your own safety pins. You MUST REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER, these cannot be reissued on the night. Unfortunately no participant number, no entry.
  7. Please do not wear any music players (iPods, MP3 Players, Headphones, etc.) during the walk, you must be able to hear everything that’s going on around you at all times, and of course you won’t want to miss the amazing atmosphere around you.
  8. Unfortunately, no pets, no scooters / skateboards, baby strollers/prams or roller skates/blades are allowed on the course.
  9. Please arrive by 8pm, as there will be an event safety briefing which you must attend, arriving late could result in you being unable to join the walk.
  10. Walking Stars has a zero alcohol and smoking policy, we respectfully ask participants and supporters to respect this, any participants seen with alcohol or smoking on the route will be asked to leave the event.
  11. The Event Director reserves the right to refuse entry if for whatever reason a participant is deemed unfit to take part. Walking Stars is possible due to the help of an army of volunteers. Please be respectful to them at all times by not using aggressive or abusive language.
  12. When walking through residential areas please be respectful by keeping noise levels low. Use of whistles, horns or any other loud instrument is forbidden and could be confiscated.
  13. Walking Stars reserves the right to ask participants to leave the event if they do not adhere to the rules.
  14. Walking Stars has a strict green policy. Please remember to use the litter and recycling facilities available.
  15. All participants must use the toilet facilities provided, please do not relieve yourself anywhere other than a toilet.