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16How much do I need to raise?Fundraising
17How much training will I need?Training
18How much will it cost me to enter?Registration
19I can no longer take part in the event, can I have a refund?Registration
20I entered online, my friend wants to enter too but all the places are taken. What can we do?Registration
21I need help and advice with my fundraisingFundraising
22I need to stay overnight in Auckland, where should I stay?Event information
23I’d like to change something on my registration form, what should I do?Registration
24I’ve registered but haven’t received a confirmation emailRegistration
25Is the walk safe?Event information
26What are the event Terms and Conditions?No Category
27What do I get for my registration fee?Multiple
28What if I'm walking on my own?Event information
29What is power walking?Multiple
30What is the exact route?Event information