Wearing the right shoes

Written by Commando Steve from Fitforce

Walking Stars is no easy feat, so you need to ensure you are in shape and ready to go. You will be on your feet for 21kms – having the right shoes are essential. After all they are the only thing between you and the road! 

A good fitting pair of shoes does not need to be an expensive pair of shoes. When it comes to the event, make sure your shoes have been broken-in to avoid sore feet and blisters. Upper and lower foot blisters will cause you discomfort and potentially pain, which will in turn can alter your gait and put undue pressure on you ankles, knees, hips and potentially your back. Not an ideal situation which could also prevent you from finishing the walk. 

When breaking-in new shoes check for hotspots after the first time you have worn them. As the name suggests, hotspots are the areas where heat builds up in the feet and can result in blisters. Hotspot areas on your feet are typically redder than the rest of the foot – to prevent blisters, apply plasters or zinc oxide tape to the hotspots. 

Some people have exceptionally sweaty feet and the build-up of moisture can result in blisters. One of the tricks I have used when teaching elite commando recruits is to spray antiperspirant directly onto the feet to prevent excessive sweating and to keep them dry. The expected result of all of this is not only great smelling feet but also no blisters.

Along with your shoes you should also check your socks. Ensure your socks are fitted well - not too big or too small. Socks that are too big will scrunch up and cause pressure points which will lead to soreness and blisters. Socks that are too small will begin to slide under the foot and leave the skin rubbing directly against you shoes leaving your skin exposed and raw.

And remember, if you do not participate in regular exercise you should seek the advice of your regular health professional just to make sure there are no underlying issues that could raise their heads while you’re walking the stars!

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