Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre

The money you raise through Walking Stars helps fund breakthrough research to find new cancer treatments

Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC) is at the forefront of international cancer research. Thanks to the past generosity of New Zealanders, significant progress has been made in cancer research over the last 50 years. The survival rate for many cancers has improved by up to 30% and today over 60% of cancer patients will survive more than five years.

But there is still much to do… right now, ACSRC scientists are making great progress towards finding improved cancer treatments. By developing the drugs in New Zealand we bring the hope of clinical trials to Kiwis sooner.

And you can help…because the money you raise through Walking Stars will give the priceless gift of hope to future generations of cancer patients and their families.

Kiwi scientists are at the forefront of cancer research but need your help - through asking family, friends or colleagues to sponsor you - to ensure they have the funding to continue their work.   

“I am so grateful to the scientists who discovered the drugs I needed to treat my cancer – I want other people to have that chance too.’  
Nikki, cancer patient   

Many of us know first-hand how cancer affects lives. For mum of two Nikki, a diagnosis of breast cancer turned her world upside down. It was a roller coaster both physically and emotionally but because of the treatments available for her type of cancer, things went well for Nikki.  

But not all cancer patients have such a positive outcome 

As Nikki says:
“I am full of praise for the people who have come up with the cancer treatments I needed …. I did elect to go on a drug trial after my treatment finished. My mindset was I am here today because someone else trialed the drugs I needed, so I was very happy to take part.”
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